Petites Folies Wine
Petites Folies Wine
Petites Folies Wine
Petites Folies Wine
Petites Folies Wine

From dream to passion

Join Peter & Joe, and allow yourself to succomb to the temptation of “Petites Folies”


Two friends

Two Friends

ONE wine

Discover where “Petites Folies” comes from…

60th Anniversary of Peter at the Royal Palace

It was after a show at the Royal Palace that the two friends came up with the idea of creating a wine called « Petites Folies »
that would combine their savoir-faire and passion.


Very ambitious about their « Petites Folies », Peter and Joe oversaw each stage of the vinification.


Domaine de la Baume

The grapes solely come from the vineyards of Domaine de la Baume, an estate of 180 hectares owned by Joe in the Languedoc-Roussillon region.
Supported by its history and terroir, Domaine de la Baume today produces authentic wines for authentic wine-lovers…


"Petites Folies" is a wonderful blend of Merlot and Cabernet-Sauvignon.

Merlot is originally from southwestern France, in the Aquitaine region.
The success of Merlot comes from its fleshy, sensual side. It has a round, full bodied personality and beautiful deep purple color. With its soft, silky tannins, it can be enjoyed young, as it has a smooth, velvety texture.

Cabernet is originally from southwestern France, and is primarily grown there.
Cabernet is a seducer. Its dense, dark color rounds out its robust, full-bodied structure. Cabernet produces finely crafted wines which will please to even the most demanding of palates.

Tasting Notes


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